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tv   [untitled]    August 27, 2011 7:30am-8:00am PDT

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[applause]. >> foreign language speaking.
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>> i want to thank everyone for coming. we aren't trying to do a lot to restore the luster of the uptown historic district. in the past couple of years we have installed the store? . we have a landmark sidewalk program that we want to institute. we also want to restore some of the historic advertising signs, which developed the neighborhood's character. in order to get this money, there is a challenge grant program. when we applied for this grant, the person in charge of the program was ultimately a cao named ed lee.
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so the mayor had to decide whether or not to fund this project, so i am glad that he did. we had support and additional financial support from the people that run the organization. jon dugan as well. you can see that great historic pedestrian lighting, which we only have on taylor street and a small part of golden gate. i did not know this, but when he was a cao, ed lee got those installed on taylor street. the mayor also has a plan that would restore 135 historic street lights to the tenderloin.
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that is an incredibly important thing for them, from an aesthetic and from a safety point of view. we are also one of the darkest neighborhoods. this is important. you can see how nice those are. imagine how nice they would look through the neighborhood. i also want to introduce leroy looper who goes back to the 1980's with us in the tenderloin. nothing that any of us are doing would have started without leroy's vision when he bought the cadillac. we always need to appreciate them for their contributions. so without further ado, i want to make -- introduced a person who made this possible, mayor ed lee. >> great podium. i am happy to be here.
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happy to celebrate these wonderful murals that have been restored. we have been working on this for many years. i just love the fact that he is leading this effort with so many of the other community people. this community challenge grant was an easy decision that we made. i see our acting city administrator. she is continuing that very good community-based approach, working in close concert with the people from clean city, who are doing the sweeping around here, working with nonprofits as well. i want to thank the tenderloin development megacorporation. you are part of our partnership. as well, the tenderloin economic partnership. i want to celebrate these
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because it is part of our history, but we are renovating them and giving them a facelift. this is an historical part of this district and kids like to the history that we are still trying to make sure that people feel the vibrancy of this community. you have to see the other ones as well. the one that says original joe's -- john is here. there is also a coca-cola one. i want to see them put the old phrase in their "the real thing." i missed that. we are also doing some restoration. it is all about making sure we pay attention to the uptown tenderloin historic district. we have done this for some years now. ever since the fire that occurred here -- unfortunately,
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there was a fire here a few years ago. my predecessor gavin newsom asked me to come down here to work with the arts community, come up with every idea that we could, to work with the office of economic development to please key dollars here. we are working with so many organizations working our way up this great street, finding out that there was a lot of history to showcase. we wanted to make sure that we used our artistic ability, the ability to forge artistic programs, and that is why we invested in this foundation. they are taking over the old theater. now these murals. i want to thank the people who
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got our two artists here. their work is presented here, in this unveiling of these advertising murals. and we are going to do more of this. we want to do all of this in partnership with neighborhoods. that is what randy is all about. i loved working with him because he and everyone in this neighborhood wants to take pride in where they live and work. we see kids growing up in the tenderloin. they need to know the history of this area. we also need to make sure that not only are they safe, but that they appreciate the history of this neighborhood. i want to thank everyone is level of cooperation here. we have a piano theater coming
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in. we have the underground for the clay and ceramics. that will represent the role that part plays in helping us for a revitalization to this neighborhood. we are doing that at central market as well. and we are trying to revitalize this whole street. this is ground zero for where arts and civic minded this come together with local government, to forge a ongoing partnerships to make this revitalization their welcome and new. also, if you go around the corner here, you will see the newest restaurant around. they are investing in our neighborhood. a great restaurant has come in and they are going to start another trend of great food. you see the revitalization already happening. the inspiration comes from
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everybody working together and never abandoning our neighborhoods. we never want to do that. so thank you very much for being here. i appreciate everyone's cooperation and thier roles. [applause] >> our next speaker is john dugan. he is a legend. we love that he helped to get these merrill back of on the buildings. >> i know you have a busy schedule, mr. mayor, but before you leave, thank you for your decision to keep this city ticking away that it is. i want to thank many of these people. you have been around here. thank you. i know it was not easy. but what a courageous decision. we are certainly behind you. randy chopped, what can i say about randy? we have gone back and forth over 30 years, but the mural
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restoration is just another wonderful step -- and it is a happy step. a few months ago we were here talking about police protection, but this is a happy step. something that the tenderloin residents, the retail community, and property owners, can rejoice in. as long as we continue to work together, this tenderloin is going to get better and better. randy, again, thank you for what you did hear. >> carolyn from the mid market cbd is also here. there is a story about market and tenderloin, dark past, shared future. now we are going to have some fun hearing from the actual artist, susan cervantes.
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>> thank you, randy. thank you, everyone, for coming out. i want to thank the mayor for his passionate comments. for our part, we feel very honored to have had this opportunity to do some restoration in the tenderloin. we have a couple of other minerals, one on golden gate and one on the glide, for we have contributed to neighborhood beautification. we love the fact that this is historica. it was amazing, when we started to do the research on the signs, looking at the walls, how much history there was. we took the one that were the most recent and restored those
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and even had to cover up some of the others. but it was amazing to see all of the layers. and when you look at the coca- cola sign, you can see that the railway school actually overlapped it, so we left it that way. layers of history. when we started to clean the wall, the crew that is responsible for the painting -- i was just sort of directing them in the process of recreating them, making decisions about the color. but when you get up to the wall, we restore the actual color. when we were far away, we could not see what color it was until we clean its and then matched those callers. so that is the process of restoration. it is not just going up there and painting them any way that we want to.
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we really wanted to preserve the history of the signs, when they could work created back in the 1930, 1940's. we want to thank the people here who have put so much into the neighborhoods. like i said, i was not the one that painted them. i have some talented artists that did the work. it is a lot of scaffolding to go up and down. i know that my son is here. come on up. and there weren't four artists. -- were four artists. one of them is actually in poland right now


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